Mathilde, Marieke, et Madeleine

Concert piece for two pianos based on songs Jacques Brel and Gérard Jouannest
by Greg Anderson

Ah, the throes of unrequited love! Madeleine’s games of hot-and-cold lead to drunken fits of frustration, the irrevocable loss of Marieke elicits nostalgic dreams of longing, and no-show Madeleine prompts late-night delusions of grandeur (in the rain, no less) … the usual blunders and delicious wonders of romance! But what remains when the words fade? Fiercely undiluted emotions, Brel’s gasps for air, airborne bullets of perspiration, and the reverb of his wails on the cabaret walls.

© 2014 Anderson & Roe. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately, the score to this arrangement is not available for sale at this time.