Social Media Evens the Playing Field?

Added on by Jasmine Jones.

Van writes:

Hi Greg,

What if someone cannot get a position in teaching? No network of composing, no network of performing? What should they do? Do you have any suggestions of where to start for a pianist?

Hello Van,

If you don’t yet have a solid portfolio of compositions or a lot of performing experience, a good first step might be to start posting what you do have online. The Internet has made the music world a largely democratic place. With an effective online presence, you can attract an audience and build support quickly, especially if the right people find and take an interest in your music. Previously “the right people” were a select group of influencers specific to the classical music world (recording industry executives, managers, etc.), whereas these days that group has expanded to practically anyone with a huge social media following. So start getting yourself and your music out there! If your music strikes a chord with the masses, a viral video could be all it takes to get the ball rolling in the right direction.