Two Copies Necessary for Performance?

Added on by Greg Anderson.
Greg, I was in the audience when you played at the Steinway Store in Los Angeles recently. I was so enthusiastic, I bought four of your arrangements, two for duet and two for two piano duo. When I got home, I realized that I have only one score for the two piano works. They are St. Matthew Passion and the Carmen Fantasy. Usually when I buy two piano scores, they come with two copies. Was that an oversight?
— Roseann Herman

Hi Roseann,

Thank you for all of your support, and many apologies for any disappointment or confusion! 

Alfred music chooses to sell all their two piano scores as single volumes — two scores are necessary for performance. Publishers choose to deal with this issue differently, but we can see how Alfred came to this decision, and we have chosen to do the same with our own scores published via Awkward Fermata Press. On a logistical level, it can be messy for the publisher to produce a second, differently formatted score and stuff it inside the first copy — this increases the price disproportionately. On a personal level, Liz and I often purchase our scores separately as we practice and live in different cities, so we'd rather not buy two sets and have additional scores left over. 

Thankfully, Alfred's prices are extremely reasonable compared to other two piano scores by different publishers, even those not sold in sets!

Assuming you're still in need of a second score, both the St. Matthew Passion and the Carmen Fantasy are available for purchase online.