L'escalier Du Diable

Added on by Greg Anderson.
Dear Greg,
I recently stumbled over your interpretation of "L'escalier du diable" on youtube and have to say that I love it. It´s better than any interpretation I heard before. I really would like to buy it in a high quality version. Is it somwhere available or can you make it available e.g. on iTunes. Thanks a lot!
Dear Greg,
I saw your video of Ligety's "The Devil's staircase" and i loved it (i posted a comment in youtube). Do you have a record with this composition? Thank you in advance.
 - Eduardo Pola

Dear Rainer and Eduardo,

Thank you for your ultra kind and flattering comments! Unfortunately I have not yet professionally recorded the etude. I certainly hope to some day, but it may be a while; the album I am currently preparing does not include the etude.


- Greg (Nov. 4, 2009)