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Dear Greg,
ok i just came home from your concert at cedarhust in mount vernon illinois. and i had a question that i forgot to ask in person. i once met a vilinist that said he envyed vocalists because they got to use words to convey the message. i am preparing to be music major concentrating on voice and i have trouble with expression. this is something that you obviously have no problem with. how do you do it?
 - marlo smith

Dear Marlo,

How is one expressive? To answer that question, I'll direct you to Liz and my music listening manifesto. There are 27 tips for you, all of which apply not only to the act of listening, but also to the act of performing music. (We're so sneaky with our multi-purpose manifesto!)

Two thoughts on making our music listening manifesto apply to performance:

  • In the few instances where we literally mention listening, try rewording phrases; replace "listen" with "perform." For example, #8 states: "Listen as if it were the last time your ears could hear. Savor it." In your situation consider, "Perform as if it were the last time you could make music. Savor it." (Incidentally, this is one of my favorite points. I love savoring things!)
  • In all instances, consider the points from the perspective of a performer, but also consider the points from the perspective of a listener. A good performer is an extraordinary listener.

Good luck with your upcoming performances!

- Greg (March 6, 2010)