Mainstream Musicians

Added on by Greg Anderson.
Dear Greg,
Have you ever collaborated with a mainstream musician? I think that you and John Mayer would produce some crazy awesome music (oh, to be a fly on the wall during that brainstorm session...). Just curious.
 - Susan

Hi Susan,

Yes, I have dabbled with popular elements here and there. The most obvious example: I arranged "Everybody Loves Somebody" for five pianos and voice. You can listen to the work on the 5 Browns' latest album, "Browns in Blue," performed by the 5 Browns and Dean Martin himself (in a previously unreleased vocal recording).

I'm sure that throughout my life, I'll continue to have unique experiences with mainstream musicians, but my true love is classical music. I love its shapes and forms, its complexity, its harmonies, its passions. It's sort of like mac and cheese -- I love all types of food in moderation, but I could eat mac and cheese for every meal if I had to. The same with classical music.

- Greg (October 24, 2009)