Libertango Hang-Ups

Added on by Greg Anderson.

Dear Greg,
Hi, I am attending a High School of The Arts, my major is piano. I was amazed by your arangement of LibreTango. From my understanding the composition will not be available untill 2010, My final exam, Duet concert will be held in 2010, so i would greatly appreaciate your effort to finsh all the legal stuff ASAP. If by any chance, something comes up and it is not possible, would you share what ever methods were needed to transcribe the piece so i can get started?
 - Jovian

Dear Jovian,

Thanks for your devoted interest in my arrangement of Piazzolla's Libertango! I never said anything about the score being released in 2010, so don't get your hopes up yet. (Liz and I plan to notate our New Account of the Blue Danube Waltzes to release it in 2010. We'll turn our attention to the Libertango arrangement after that.)

As for "what ever methods were need to transcribe the piece"... it's not like I plug the notes into a formula and let the computer do the work. There's a great deal of creative and original work that goes into creating an arrangement of a piece; rarely does a faithful, dogmatic treatment of an original's notes result in an arrangement that is faithful to spirit of the score.

My arrangement of the piece comes with its own set of intellectual copyrights, and while I invite you to create your own arrangement, I kindly request that you do not copy mine.

Mailing list members will be the first to learn of the work's eventual publication. In the meantime, best wishes to you; have an awesome duo concert!

- Greg (April 25, 2009)