Going Solo

Added on by Greg Anderson.
Hey Greg!
I am a 32 yr. old with a schedule that's near impossible to throw in professional lessons or attend school. At least for the next year or so. I took one semester of piano in college but have always loved classical music. I just recently purchased a Yamaha digital piano. My practice time is usually 30 to 60 minutes, around 2 or 3 in the am 4x a week. Been like this for approx. 3 months now. I love the piano, and my goal is to be able to play pieces like Hungarian Rhapsody #2 by Liszt. But what advice can you give an adult in my position who's learning to play the piano on his own and can not get pro help?? What should I concentrate on? Any books or exercises you recommend? Thanks!

Dear Will,

I can't pretend to offer you any useful advice; I have only taught a few students in my life, and I have the distinct feeling that I learned more from them than they learned from me. However, I firmly believe that with the kind of determination you have shown, your dream will become a reality. If you are enjoying yourself, it's easy to work hard. If you work hard, it's easy to improve. You're on the right track!

- Greg