Top Schools

Added on by Greg Anderson.
I'm only 13 but feel the need to start thinking about college. And while at the moment I'm not a spectacular pianist, i love playing soooooo much. I think I want it to be my career. Do you have any suggestions for music schools (all i know of is Juilliard) and how do go about auditions when I'm a bit older? thanks.
 - Caitie

Dear Caitie,

Thirteen-years-old. You still have plenty of time! Make sure you continue to pursue all the things you love for the next couple years. If you still decide to audition for music schools later on, just focus on your auditions and you should be fine. No matter what people may tell you ("take lessons with the teachers in advance," "go to pre-college music schools," "win lots of competitions"), all that really matters is that you play well in your audition.

There are plenty of good schools with music programs, some are a part of universities and others are music conservatories. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the person and their needs. A list of the top MUSIC schools in the US would likely include Oberlin, Yale, Eastman, Peabody, Colburn, Curtis, Juilliard, Manhattan, Mannes, Rice, USC, TCU, Indiana, Cleveland Institute of Music, New England Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory, and Northwestern. There are other schools with great piano teachers, so don't feel obligated to limit yourself to that list!

Good luck, and remember to hold on to that love you have for the piano!

- Greg