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Dear Greg,
I've read some of your answers suggesting the book "Pianism". I am very fascinated by the sound of it. Any ideas on where I can purchase it? I've looked on the website of the book, Amazon, eBay, and libraries and cannot seem to find a copy of the book...
 - Hannah

Dear Hannah,

I'm so pleased that you are interested in Aiko Onishi's Pianism! The book is really wonderful. I recently redesigned the cover to the book and made it available on amazon.com. Here's the link:

Aiko Onishi's "Pianism"

I'll repost what I wrote earlier for the benefit of those reading this page for the first time: "First of all, I highly encourage you to purchase my mentor's book: Pianism, by Aiko Onishi. She articulates the techniques used to produce gorgeous tone better than anyone I know. In clear, simple language, she describes how to create a beautiful singing tone, harmonious tones, colorless tones, thick and chordal tones, and much more. The book is worth every penny -- 'a must,' if you will."

Her essays on phrasing, pedaling, and harmony are equally insightful and lucid.

Happy reading!

- Greg (Oct. 23, 2009)