College Audition Repertoire

Added on by Greg Anderson.
Dear Greg,
I'm researching colleges with outstanding music programs and music conservatories for my Gifted Education program, and part of it is comparing all the different requirements of the school as far as auditions for piano go. I was wondering, what did you play for your auditions?
 - Caitie

Dear Caitie,

Juilliard and Yale's audition requirements are listed on their websites. Some of them are pretty complicated, so I'd rather not take the time to list them here.

I've auditioned for college degrees at three points in my life (for my Bachelor's degree, my Master's degree, and my Doctorate degree), and my audition programs were different in all occasions. Developing balanced programs that meet all the requirements can be downright difficult, but whatever you do, play what you love, and play it well!

Good luck with your project!

- Greg