Concert Pianist In Private

Added on by Greg Anderson.

Dear Greg,
Is it possible to become a concert pianist and not perform? I am just starting to play the piano and would like to play at the concert pianist level...just not with the audience, career, all that jazz. How long does this usually take and how many hours should I practice a day?? Thanks!!
 - James

Dear James,

Of course! Who's going to stop you? I believe that music making can be incredibly personal and solitary at times; there's no need to always have an audience at hand. Go ahead, transform your home into your own private stage!

How much practice is necessary? I've been hearing this 10,000 hour rule touted a great deal in social circles (after an Malcolm Gladwell made it the subject of his recent book, "Outliers"), and I think there is something to it. The rule: to become truly fluent at a specialized skill, one must devote at least 10,000 hours of practice. I'm certain this also relates to piano playing.

That said, you can still have a great time playing piano music with less than 10,000 hours of practice under your belt!

- Greg (March 6, 2009)