Piano Pedagogy

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Hi Greg,
I'm presently working on my ARCT...I'm 46....have a B.MUS. and B.ED (from University of Victoria).... I teach general music and band in the school system full time. I'm also a pro french horn player with Symphony New Brunswick, have 15 private piano students and am a mother to 3 amazing children ages 16, 11 and 8. Could you give me some tips on things I really need to study and know thorougly? I've read quit a few books on piano pedagogy....any specific recommendations on reading material? thanks for any insight you can give me. For my ARCT....I'm doing the teacher's part in June and the playing part in August. I travel 90 min 2X a month for piano lessons
 - Cynthia Munn

Dear Cynthia,

Gosh. Cynthia, I have no idea what you should or shouldn't know, and I've never read any books on piano pedagogy.

My only bit of advice: don't lose sight of music's purpose.

Why do you play piano? Why do you think your students should play piano?

Here's my personal answer:

Music brings me great joy. It connects me to the world. For me, music serves as a portal to possibility, to an aesthetic environment that fosters human connection. For me, music is the means to the beauty, the spiritual essence, and the humanity that overwhelm this world.

Music makes life worth living.

I hope that you and your students play the piano for similar reasons!

- Greg